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Nonton film Kutukan Arwah Santet (2012) terbaru

Kutukan Arwah Santet (2012)

Genre: Horror
Year: Duration: 81 MinView: 176 views

There’s a big secret Raymond hides before a series of deaths happen in campus. In a private party Beby, his girlfriend, sets Myrna up, her own friend. Firman, Myrna’s lover, forces her to have sex under the influence of drugs. Vaginismus happens, Myrna’s and Firman’s bodies can’t be separated. Firman is embarrassed, asking help from his friends, Johan and Fandy. Firman’s panic leads to Myrna’s death and the campus laboratory bears witness to a shameful tragedy. To remove evidence, Firman, Johan and Fandy bury Myrna’s body under a campus toilet.

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Language: Bahasa indonesia

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